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Energy Design Service Systems

EDSS, located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, is an engineering-based firm leading the nation in holistic lighting and energy solutions. EDSS serves a broad-range of industries including academic institutions, arenas, restaurants, factories, retail stores and other large and small businesses alike; working throughout the United States to assist an array of commercial and residential building projects.

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Lamp Ordering System

EDSS was looking to enhance their product ordering process in an effort to reduce product returns and increase sales efficiency. EDSS needed a way for customers to order items with confidence, by showing them on their own floor plan what products they needed.

EDSS reached out to 42 milligrams to create an ordering system with both a graphic "point and click" and product listing option. In order to accommodate multiple customers, a content management system was requested that would allow EDSS to manage customers, floor plans, products, and orders.

Energy Design Service Systems
March 2015
42 milligrams
42 milligrams
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A customer-themed website was created for ordering lamps, using a graphical user interface. Every customer website includes a complete list of layouts for all stores, displaying the locations of each lamp and fixture. Employees can order lamps based on the location of each fixture within their store by simply clicking the corresponding location on the layout. After the fixture type has been established, the employee is presented with photos of all the possible lamps that will work with that fixture. A positive match can be made by comparing the needed lamp with the photo. Clicking the photo reveals a page that allows the employee to order the correct lamp. Or, if an employee is familiar with the lamp that they need (by, say, product number), they can find products by list, or a product search, to go directly to the lamp they need to order.

A custom shopping cart was developed to provide a one-click ordering process, making use of stored account data. After the order has been placed, the customer is provided with email confirmation and the order is logged to their dashboard for instant review.

The EDSS Lamp and Fixture ordering system is accompanied by a full content management system.

Content Management Tools Include:

  • Fixture Management
  • Lamp Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Order Reporting

Customer Management Tools Include:

  • Customer Theme
  • Customer Users
  • Customer Locations
  • Customer Offered Products
  • Customer Floorplans
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