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Is it Time for a Rebrand?

  • Katie Evenden, Marketing Director
  • |
  • January 2023
  • |
  • Graphic Design
Row of Unbranded Business Cards

Your branding represents your business. If it feels outdated in any way, it might be time for a rebrand - or a brand refresh!

Investing in your brand is always a good idea, and this includes ensuring that it is current and represents your business exactly how you want and need it to. Sometimes, a refresh is effective in achieving that goal; sometimes a full rebrand is necessary to get you there. Here are some things to consider if you are wondering if your branding could use an update

  • Your materials don't stand out against your competitors. This may seem obvious, but if your client-facing assets (digital or physical), are not as appealing as your competitors, you may lose potential opportunities or new clients.
  • Your messaging is not reaching your audiences. Are you pushing out information and not seeing a return? Even if you're reaching who you want, it may be being overlooked because of outdated or disjointed branding.
  • You haven't updated your materials in the last 7 years. Designs, trends and the ways we reach consumers are constantly evolving and changing, so if you haven't done anything new in the last 7 or more years, updating your branding and adding new materials to your marketing collection will be beneficial.
  • You're adding or changing products or service offerings. If you have new services, you may need to change how you promote and represent your business, in which case a rebrand is incredibly needed.
  • You want to attract a new demographic. You need to make sure your branding will impact the audience you're targeting - and this might mean changing it so that it appeals to this new demographic.
  • The industry you're in has changed or adapted to different marketing tactics. If you don't keep up with trends in your industry, you'll get lost and seen as outdated. Making sure you are seen as a leader in your industry also means keeping up with the direction the industry is moving in, and your branding should reflect that.

Not ready to take the plunge and do a complete rebrand? That's okay! Even just ensuing all your client-facing materials are updated to modern marketing and design trends will give you an edge and breathe fresh air into old materials.

Even though rebranding is great for your overall image, keep in mind that it needs to be done correctly to avoid confusion with your current clients. Here at 42 milligrams, we can help you determine not only how your rebrand should look, but also how to launch and implement it to avoid causing confusion to your audience.

Contact us today to discuss your branding or rebranding goals!

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